Use These Beginner Questions to Build Your Network

Networking is one of the most important professional skills we teach as part of our comprehensive CYMO Marketing training program. It’s a sophisticated topic, with many nuances, but at the same time there are some basic strategies that anyone can use to immediately start growing their professional networks.

These are some of the questions we ask novice networkers to help them determine the best ways to begin building their CYMO Marketing contact lists:

• “What Type of People Do I Want to Meet?”: As with any goal, it’s important to start with an idea of what we’re trying to accomplish. Having a general concept of who we want to meet directs our efforts. We consider industries, level of experience, interests, and even personality types.

• “Where Should I Go to Meet These People?”: One of the basic rules of networking is to go where the people are. With this in mind, we consider how best to meet those for whom we’re searching. For instance, small business owners might be found at a chamber of commerce luncheon, while extroverted C-level executives might be found at a large networking conference.

• “What Value Do I Offer?”: The most important networking strategy we teach is this: it’s about giving – not just getting. When we meet someone, we’re just as interested in what we can do for them as we are in what they can do for us.

Being connected is vital for success in the modern business world. To learn more of our networking tips, like CYMO Marketing on Twitter