Try These Successful Networking Habits

Networking is far more than sending LinkedIn connection requests once in a while. Through the CYMO Marketing training program, we learn strategies which help us foster professional relationships that last.

They all boil down to a few helpful habits.

For instance, many of us prefer to take a casual, daily approach to networking. As Michael Simmons, Empact cofounder, says, “I let it emerge naturally based on who I’m talking with during the day, the emails I receive, and people who come to mind. I like understanding what people need when I talk with them, and then I spend time thinking of people.” We adopt some other day-to-day outreach habits as well. Sometimes we take a few moments to send handwritten notes, wish people happy birthdays, and congratulate them for other milestones.

We’ve learned that in-person interactions are most impactful. Even when we connect with people online, we eventually work our way to coffee meetings and gatherings over lunch. It’s a CYMO Marketing practice to schedule these sessions with various contacts a few times per month. Networking guru Dorie Clark has a great process for scheduling dinners with people, which we plan to emulate. She says, “If the person is someone I’d genuinely like to meet, I mention the dinners to them, and ask if they’d be interested in joining the next one. If so, I move their email to a ‘dinners’ folder, and when I schedule the next month’s gathering, I know exactly who to invite.”

These networking practices help us become master relationship-builders. For more ideas, like CYMO Marketing on Facebook.