Take on Ethical Gift-Shopping With These Companies

Like many others, during the holiday season, our Cymo Marketing associates spent a lot of time shopping for gifts. This can be an exciting opportunity to give to friends and family, and it can also be a chance to make ethical buying decisions. Here are some companies that offer sustainable, organic, and/or otherwise value-based products that are perfect for gifts:

• Cotopaxi: This producer of outdoor gear also seeks to help end poverty around the world. It donates two percent of its revenue to high-impact causes working on the local level to find solutions that truly work.

• AUrate: Jewelry makes for great gifts. Shopping for AUrate’s jewelry means not having to choose between great items and good business practices. It is focused on sustainable production, ethical pricing, and generally trying to do the right thing.

• Osprey Packs: This backpack producer caught our eyes at Cymo Marketing not just because of their great quality gear. They also strive to take care of their team members and protect the environment.

• Ritual: For people who enjoy healthy living, Ritual is a great vitamin brand. It focuses on simplicity, transparency, and science when making health products. It is a great example of trying to bring clarity to a space often clouded by fads.

These companies make products you can feel great about giving as gifts. Find more by following Cymo Marketing on Twitter.