Simple Ways to Make Positive Social Impact

We’ve made giving back to the community a core element of our CYMO Marketing culture. Through our giving experiences, we’ve found that supporting good causes doesn’t have to be complex or overly expensive. Here are a few strategies we use to ensure a strong social giving program.

Partnering with local charities is one of the most effective ways to make a real difference in people’s lives. Not only does this strategy help our team members connect with area business leaders, it also allows us to see the impact we’re making. In the process of working with local organizations, we also enhance our firm’s reputation.

Donation drives are also great options for simplified giving. Collecting toys, canned foods, or winter clothes allows people to build morale within an office as they provide for those in need. Donating professional skills is also something we’ve discovered around the CYMO Marketing office. Nonprofits are in need of help with business functions, from social media marketing to IT assistance.

Whatever we do to make an impact in our community, we make sure to engage our team members’ passions. If we learn what types of causes our people truly care about before pursuing giveback endeavors, we’re much more likely to gain rewards of our own from the process.

We keep these concepts in mind as we build on the CYMO Marketing commitment to social impact. Follow us on to receive more of our philanthropic insights.