Remember These Things to Help Ace Your Next Interview

Finding the best and brightest to join our CYMO Marketing team helps us keep our company growing. Our management is reflecting on interviewing and looking for best practices. This results in a lot of insight about how candidates can more effectively prepare. Here are a few things to remember before your next interview to help you land an offer:

  • A Notepad and Pen: Bring a portfolio with you with a pen so you can take notes during the conversation. This will help you remember everything you talked about – especially follow-up action steps.
  • Insight Into the Company: CYMO Marketing’s work is founded upon knowing our audience. So, we always like to see applicants who clearly understand what we do. Research the company before heading to your interview.
  • Pain Point Research: Every team hires people to help overcome current or future obstacles. Seek to understand why the position is being offered. Predict the problems you would be solving in the role. This understanding will help you make an impact.
  • Questions: Impress hiring managers by having insightful questions ready. Think about what you want to know about the position. Consider asking about culture, professional growth, teamwork, and/or current challenges. 
  • Personal Insight: Know yourself before going to your interview. Understand the value you are bringing to the table. This reflection will empower you to make a strong case for earning an offer. 

Remember these things and you will ace your next interview.

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