Recognizing Gabby, Sam, and Ivan: Three Rising Stars

Our team members are talented and ambitious, which means that we have many occasions to recognize their achievements. One of our favorite ways to show our gratitude is by writing about our top producers in this blog, giving them a chance to enjoy some well-earned time in the CYMO Marketing spotlight.

This month, we have three account managers whose achievements we’d like to celebrate – Ivan, Sam, and Gabby. All three were recently promoted into their management positions, and they’ve been doing fantastic jobs since day one.

“Ivan is from Croatia, and I think one of his greatest strengths is the way he seeks and acts on feedback,” stated Sarah, CYMO Marketing’s Director of Operations. “That, coupled with his strong work ethic, will take him far in our industry.”

“Sam is a pleasure to work with; he gets along with everyone, and is a welcome addition to any team,” Sarah continued. “He asks good questions and is excited to learn as much as he can.”

“Gabby’s strongest trait is her positive energy,” Sarah concluded. “She was promoted very quickly and has already found two associates to coach and develop since her advancement.”

These three professionals are prime examples of the type of people we want on our team. They work smart and hard, they have growth mind-sets, and they know how to set and achieve goals. To learn more about our talented executives, follow CYMO Marketing on Facebook.