Hosting a Team-Building Day for the Company

Fostering a positive work environment is a key priority for our Cymo Marketing leaders. Success in the customer acquisition industry often rests on the ability of people to work together effectively. So, we are very focused on building constructive relationships between our associates. To that end, we recently hosted a team-building day to strengthen our bonds.

Our team went to the home of Scott, a senior person in our industry, for a barbecue. It was a large event with team members as well as their families and friends. The goal was to bring everyone together and enjoy some time outside the work environment. It was also a chance to show everyone that there is much more to the Cymo Marketing culture than just work.

Since founding the company, we have always wanted it to feel like a family environment. This was especially important for the people who had recently joined our team. Jovonni, our President, wants everyone to realize that we are all in this journey together. We are here to support each other and empower the success of the group.

Team building can fuel success by increasing trust and making it easier to work together. Spending time outside the work context means that our connections can go beyond normal professional relationships. Learn more about our team environment at Cymo Marketing by checking out our Newswire.