Guidelines for Masterful Written Communication

Communication is at the heart of all CYMO Marketing’s work. Running successful customer acquisition campaigns requires us to clearly and persuasively interact with consumers. Of course, even professionals in other lines of work can benefit from stronger communication skills. Here are some guidelines for more masterful writing:

• Remember the Audience: Whenever we plan a CYMO Marketing campaign, we start by seeking to understand the audience. The most persuasive messages are always written with the readers in mind. Think about why they care about your topic. Use this insight to guide your writing.

• Be Authentic: Different styles of writing suit different audiences and purposes. However, for most messages, it is best to be genuine. It is often okay to have a more personal tone. This can often be helpful for crafting impactful content.

• Forget Jargon: Many writers tend to favor technical terms to show their expertise when writing. However, it is often best to stray away from such jargon. As always, remember the audience when writing. Make sure you only use terms they can easily understand.

• Stay Focused: Clear and concise writing is always the most effective. When writing, try to limit yourself to only the most relevant information. When you edit, think about how each sentence adds to your central idea.

These guidelines will help you become a much stronger writer.

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