Core Strategies for Becoming a Networking Professional

Networking has played a key role in the CYMO Marketing success story. Making the right professional connections not only opens doors to new opportunities but can also accelerate existing initiatives. Our people spend time making new contacts at industry events regularly. There are a few core strategies that can help anyone become a networking professional.

One of the essential elements of networking is making engaging small talk. To accomplish this, try asking more questions. Most people you meet will enjoy sharing about themselves. In fact, studies have found that asking questions leads to making favorable first impressions. Try asking about where a person is from or what projects he or she is most excited about currently.

Active listening is another key part of networking. People will be excited about meeting you if you are clearly interested in what they are saying. A common strategy among CYMO Marketing associates is to combine this with the first strategy and ask probing follow-up questions. This both shows you are interested in the answers and keeps the conversation alive.

Of course, interactions are not just about the verbal content. Make sure to watch the person’s body language and other nonverbal cues. Reflect on your own expressions and gestures. The more you can understand about how people react to what they are hearing, the better you will be at networking.

These strategies will help you network like a pro.

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