How to Achieve Authentic Personal Success

We’re all for learning from those who are more accomplished than we are, but there’s a fine line between borrowing strategies and trying to be anyone we’re not. To avoid this situation, and help our team members attain authentic success, we offer these CYMO Marketing guidelines:

• Consider Why You Want to Be Someone Else: Becoming the best possible version of ourselves is a common CYMO Marketing goal, but we can’t do that if we’re trying to copy someone else’s style. If we ever start to feel jealous of another’s success, or lack faith in our personal instincts, we take time to think about why that is.

• Think of Time Spent Acting Like Someone You’re Not as Wasted: We’re busy professionals who wouldn’t waste time even if we had it to spare. When on the path to fulfilling our potential, acting like someone else takes us in the wrong direction.

• Don’t Compare Journeys: This is an especially salient point in the digital age, where heavily-curated social media profiles make it seem like everyone is living the dream. We focus on our own lives, measuring our successes against the obstacles that we’ve overcome.

• Appreciate Yourself: Not only do we not use others as measuring sticks, we show gratitude to ourselves for the victories we’ve achieved. A big part of true success is appreciating the people we’ve become along the way.

We respect and admire many people, but at the same time we strive to be true to ourselves.

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